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[wvc_testimonial_slider slideshow_speed=”4000″ nav_bullets=”false”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Venter På En Bil 22.February: Wow Dette var fantastisk bra mastret og mixet , Låta ble jo så bra .Flott laga den der ja. Vokalen kom jo så bra frem + dine strykere .Koste meg jeg . Comments by Ivar F. Hansen” name=”Ivar F. Hansen” avatar=”6361″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”I found you on and loved your Angels Around! Glad I checked out your website. Keep it up!! Comments by Mauricio 24.09.2017″ name=”Mauricio” avatar=”6473″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”I’ve joined your army of fans! May your good luck be always Good ? Comments by Frederico 24.09.2017″ name=”Frederico” avatar=”6129″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”I LOVE YOUR MUSIK.I listen to it pretty much every day.I would LOVE to listen to your music live.(awesome) Comments by Tiffany Taylor 09.09.2017″ name=”Tiffany Taylor ” avatar=”6129″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Hi
You know it’s always feels good to listen to some good music like yours. Keep it on and never give up.
Comments by german 08.09.2017″ name=”German” avatar=”6129″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”hi Guys!!!
you exceeded my expectations and did an awesome job performing your songs. I do hope to hear more soon… Comments by Stefan Dodson 07.09.2017″ name=”Stefan Dodson” avatar=”6129″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”love your heart on fire!! hope to hear more from you guys soon!!
Keep on rocking and people will always want more! Comments by Tim 05.09.2017″ name=”Tim” avatar=”6129″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Chloe Mccabe from Unknown just left a comment on your profile.
“it good “” name=”Unknown” avatar=”6129″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Say You Love Me I LOVE IT!! BEEN LISTENING TO IT NON STOP FOR 2 FULL DAYS!!
good luck ad have fun!!! We love you guys!! Comments by Claudio Carrington 27.11.2016″ name=”Claudio Carrington” avatar=”6129″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”you guys are a blessing man….. remember all of you inspire us all… keep playing the sounds of hope! Comments by Rodolfo Neely 26.11.2016″ name=”Rodolfo Neely” avatar=”6129″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Don`t Come As You Are What a good tune. Much respect and admiration. Its a blessing to hear something like this when one starts to think: are we really inspired enough these days? Thank You! Heath Comments by Heath Wolf 25.11.2016″ name=”Heath Wolf” avatar=”6129″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”I haven’t seen your band ever but I do like your music. Especially This feeling Amazing ! Comments by Christina Mears 25.11.2017″ name=”Christina Mears ” avatar=”6129″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Hey!!!!!
Thanks for sharing your music. Love it from the very first listen. I will for sure be buying your CD!!!!! Comments by Dewey Grover 24.11.2016″ name=”Dewey Grover” avatar=”6129″][/wvc_testimonial_slider]
[wvc_testimonial_slider slideshow_speed=”4000″ nav_arrows=”false”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”love your Heart on fire, you deserve the world of recognition for doing what you do. Keeping on making a great music because you are AWESOME! Comments by Richard 25.07.2017″ name=”Richard” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Nice music guys!
Keep doing what you love and continued success to you!
Comments by karl Zimmerman 24.07.2017″ name=”Karl Zimmerman” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Definitely love your first tune in n1m player!
If I do like a certain song then I shall listen to it again and again. But I don’t expect an artist to paint the same picture AGAIN AND AGAIN. Cheers!
Comments by Frederic Chen 24.07.2017″ name=”Frederic Chen” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Guys. I am soooo excited about your band
and style!! Wish you all the best!
Comments by Cliff Blackwell 23.07.2017″ name=”Cliff Blackwell” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Hi!!!
I just listened to your music again, glad i left my email on your list I like it very much! I think you are one of my favorites.
abdul Comments by Abdul 22.07.2017″ name=”Abdul” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”I’m in love with your music. Everything about you is amazing. Comments by Jordan Horton 21.07.2017″ name=”Jordan Horton” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”I just saw your profile again and I have to say that your music is pure brilliance. The sound, style and originality it came together really well and I really liked it. I really enjoyed it. Thanks.
“There’s no love in fear…” Comments by Jason 18.04.2017″ name=”Jason” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Great sound!! I am listenning to your tunes and really like it ? Just a moment ago I enjoyed listening to angels around.
Good luck with your music. jennie Comments on 13.04.2017″ name=”Jennie” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”hey hey hey first time when i received a message to listen to your music I thought it would be a waste of time but it could be a great mistake if i didn’t check this out and now I’m a returning listener almost daily!
wishing you well and you got my support! Comments by Donn Cary 24.11.2016″ name=”Donn Cary” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Hi I absolutely love listening to your music! Comments by Jason 23.11.2016″ name=”Jason” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Say You Love Me you know I think all I can say is… wow. Comments by Ernesto Vinson 04.11.2016″ name=”Ernesto Vinson” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Omg I listened to your stuff for the first time a few days ago and just love it Cheers to your hard work. Elna Comments by Elna Gunning 02.11.2016″ name=”Elna Gunning” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”You guys are completely amazing! Love this track NOTHING IN RETURN. Find a good manager and become superstars soon. Comments by Efrain 10.10.2016″ name=”Efrain” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Hello, I stopped by on n1m to enjoy your song Wasting My Time.” name=”” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”You display a lot of talent here!
Continued success & have an awesome day!
julie Comments by Julie 09.10.2016″ name=”Julie” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”hi I just have to say that you create a very good music and it appeals to a lot of people. I’ll be listening to you, I’ve just added your n1m page to my faves. Comments by Trudee 09.10.2016″ name=”Trudee ” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Guys!!! I have a dream! I want to go to your show!!! I’ll keep an eye on your schedule and please let me know when and where your future gigs will take place. I’m a huge fan and i’ll bring an army of supporters with me.
Jackson :))) Comments by Jackson 06.10.2016″ name=”Jackson” avatar=”6619″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”
DJ grossz commented on your track, Waisting My Time
“Sick sounds you got!!! My Colleague would like your taste and I dig ur style, please post this track on his page? Have a quite a big following who would LOVE this ? Comments on Soundcloud 30.09.2016″ name=”Soundcloud” avatar=”6619″][/wvc_testimonial_slider]
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