Venter På En Bil 22.February: Wow  Dette var fantastisk bra mastret og mixet , Låta ble jo så bra .Flott laga den der ja. Vokalen kom jo så bra frem + dine strykere .Koste meg jeg .                                                                                                                      Comments by Ivar F. Hansen
I found you on and loved your Angels Around! Glad I checked out your website. Keep it up!!        Comments by Mauricio 24.09.2017
I’ve joined your army of fans! May your good luck be always Good 😉                                                                                                       Comments by Frederico 24.09.2017
I LOVE YOUR MUSIK.I listen to it pretty much every day.I would LOVE to listen to your music live.(awesome)                  Comments by Tiffany Taylor 09.09.2017
You know it’s always feels good to listen to some good music like yours. Keep it on and never give up.
Comments by german 08.09.2017
hi Guys!!!
you exceeded my expectations and did an awesome job performing your songs. I do hope to hear more soon…                   Comments by Stefan Dodson 07.09.2017
love your heart on fire!! hope to hear more from you guys soon!!
Keep on rocking and people will always want more! Comments by Tim 05.09.2017
love your Heart on fire, you deserve the world of recognition for doing what you do. Keeping on making a great music because you are AWESOME! Comments by Richard 25.07.2017
Nice music guys!
Keep doing what you love and continued success to you!
Comments by karl Zimmerman 24.07.2017
Definitely love your first tune in n1m player!
If I do like a certain song then I shall listen to it again and again. But I don’t expect an artist to paint the same picture AGAIN AND AGAIN. Cheers!
Comments by Frederic Chen 24.07.2017
Guys. I am soooo excited about your band
and style!! Wish you all the best!
Comments by Cliff Blackwell 23.07.2017
I just listened to your music again, glad i left my email on your list I like it very much! I think you are one of my favorites.
abdul Comments by Abdul 22.07.2017
I’m in love with your music. Everything about you is amazing. Comments by Jordan Horton 21.07.2017
I just saw your profile again and I have to say that your music is pure brilliance. The sound, style and originality it came together really well and I really liked it. I really enjoyed it. Thanks.
“There’s no love in fear…” Comments by Jason 18.04.2017
Great sound!! I am listenning to your tunes and really like it 🙂 Just a moment ago I enjoyed listening to angels around.
Good luck with your music. jennie Comments on 13.04.2017
Chloe Mccabe from Unknown just left a comment on your profile.
“it good “
good luck ad have fun!!! We love you guys!! Comments by Claudio Carrington 27.11.2016
you guys are a blessing man….. remember all of you inspire us all… keep playing the sounds of hope!                                      Comments by Rodolfo Neely 26.11.2016
Don`t Come As You Are What a good tune. Much respect and admiration. Its a blessing to hear something like this when one starts to think: are we really inspired enough these days? Thank You! Heath Comments by Heath Wolf 25.11.2016
I haven’t seen your band ever but I do like your music. Especially This feeling Amazing ! Comments by Christina Mears 25.11.2017
Thanks for sharing your music. Love it from the very first listen. I will for sure be buying your CD!!!!! Comments by Dewey Grover 24.11.2016
hey hey hey first time when i received a message to listen to your music I thought it would be a waste of time but it could be a great mistake if i didn’t check this out and now I’m a returning listener almost daily!
wishing you well and you got my support! Comments by Donn Cary 24.11.2016
Hi I absolutely love listening to your music! Comments by Jason 23.11.2016
Say You Love Me you know I think all I can say is… wow. Comments by Ernesto Vinson 04.11.2016
Omg I listened to your stuff for the first time a few days ago and just love it Cheers to your hard work. Elna Comments by Elna Gunning 02.11.2016
You guys are completely amazing! Love this track NOTHING IN RETURN. Find a good manager and become superstars soon. Comments by Efrain 10.10.2016
Hello, I stopped by on n1m to enjoy your song Wasting My Time.
You display a lot of talent here!
Continued success & have an awesome day!
julie Comments by Julie 09.10.2016
hi I just have to say that you create a very good music and it appeals to a lot of people. I’ll be listening to you, I’ve just added your n1m page to my faves. Comments by Trudee 09.10.2016
Guys!!! I have a dream! I want to go to your show!!! I’ll keep an eye on your schedule and please let me know when and where your future gigs will take place. I’m a huge fan and i’ll bring an army of supporters with me.
Jackson :))) Comments by Jackson 06.10.2016
DJ grossz commented on your track, Waisting My Time
“Sick sounds you got!!! My Colleague would like your taste and I dig ur style, please post this track on his page? Have a quite a big following who would LOVE this 🙂 Comments on Soundcloud 30.09.2016


Fantastic music on Say you love me Superb… Much success. Comments by Bernardo 26.09.2016
Hey I’m actually quite happy you did contact me because I really like your music.
I’ve listened to it 20 times now.
Anyways, LOVE IT and I hope to hear more from you in the future.
Take care Comments by Gerry 25.09.2016
Guys…any band here cannot be compared to you, they sound amateur and are not able to catch my attention…wish you were based in my city…peace
Comments by Elva 24.09.2016
Heyyyy I’ve shared your Nothing In Return on N1M charts. You’re making your way up! Comments by Tamara Gold 22.09.2016
You guys are touching the lives of people all around the world with your music and your ‘angels around’ is fantastic! Comments by Karen Snider 10.06.2016
angels around is my fave! Love it! Best,
Mildred Comments by Mildred Cho 09.06.2016
Guess what I did today?! I did share you numberone page via facebook becuse i want many people know about your amazing music!!! Comments by Cindy 09.06.2016
Love your song Angels around! You guys are fantastic musicians! Comments by Jeanie Gilliard 08.06.2016
Will you guys ever do a band cruise? Maybe you have and I didn’t know it, but you should! All fans all in the same boat! What a blast!))) Comments by Ragn Henriksen 07.06.2016
Thank you for your message and it’s really great to be a part of your life! Music connects people worlwide and it’s just amazing.
LOVE YOUR MUSIC! KEEP IT UP! Comments by Vince Lindsay 06.06.2016
Yesterday – Wow, you are rocking! Love it! Comments by Abigail Martin 01.04.2016
loved your Angels around …
I would soooo buy it, Is there a way to get it? Comments by Caroline Winslet 31.03.2016
Hey….Your tracks are just great and I believe your music inspires a lot of people to follow you. I wonder how come I didn’t
know about you earlier.
Please never give up makin such a great music for us!!! a BIG thank you!!! btw my fav is Angels around. Comments by Luigi 31.03.2016
angels around this is the best one I heard on N1M so far, don’t forget to let me know bout any music updates there!!! Comments by Jason 31.03.2016

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